My Story

My name is Natalie Howard and I’m a UX/UI Designer

In a nutshell- I help make apps and websites easier and more enjoyable for people to use. With an analytical mindset (INTP), and a rich background in visual design, I’m the unicorn that can architect a product for maximum usability while keeping it looking as elegant as possible.

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Here’s what I can deliver:

  • An understanding of core UX concepts and techniques
  • Ability to come up with several different solutions to a problem
  • Ability to communicate my processes and solutions– both orally and in the form of deliverables

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Career Highlights:

  • Crafted and refined user experience for launch of e-comm site for $6 billion retail giant Big Lots, Inc (21 million annual site visits)
  • Created social media profiles for national brands like Disney Channel star G. Hannelius, Fing’rs, and Foxy Produce

Fun Facts:

  • Huge Tim Ferriss fan, the 4 Hour Work Week book started it all for me
  • Love spicy teas- cinnamon, chai, ginger
  • I run a bargain travel hacking blog as a side project
  • Big LOTR (Lord of the Rings) fan
  • Used to be a paparazzi photographer in LA