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Natalie Howard User Experience Designer


My Work

Additional portfolio of case studies available via email for serious inquiries.

6 Tips For A Killer UX Portfolio

Scenario: You’ve got a few UX projects under your belt and you’re excited to launch them into the world Problem:...

Shero Travel App Android Prototype

Objective To create an Android app prototype designed to connect female travelers who need help with communities of women around...

UX: E-Commerce Checkout Wires

Objective To create a smooth checkout process for the e-commerce re-design of a $6 billion retailer Challenge When I came...

StoicLife iOS App Prototype

Objective To create an iOS app to help people learn and apply principles of Stoicism in a practical way. The goal...

My Story

After moving to Los Angeles on my own at age 18, I became a primarily self taught graphic & web designer. I soon began accepting my first freelance clients while also working in agency and corporate environments. I loved this work, but after 5 years, eventually grew hungry for more of a challenge. I discovered UX. While working at the Big Lots corporate office in 2015, I got my first big break and transitioned from a visual designer to a UX designer for their $35 million e-commerce launch. In February, 2016, I made the leap to quit the corporate culture and began life as an independent UX/UI designer and contractor.